Captain's log.......


As the Friday Triples league was not without its problems this season, not least the availibility of players and lack of coordination in some teams, it has been decided to reintroduce our old friend 'HAT NIGHT' for next season.


We need to know if this is acceptable and if it should replace the Dragons or  if we should run the Hat Night on Thursdays as it used to be and keep the Dragons on Friday but with reduced teams.


I would like to hear your opinions.


As the 2017 season finishes, I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone that has contributed throughout the last five months. Players, supporters, green keeping crew.

In the friendlies we just managed to stay ahead of the game, but in the competitions we excelled both as a team and as individuals, both men and women. So all in all, a good season.

Thanks again.